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To accuse a Virginian politician of turning his back on Martinsville, the beleagured Southside mill town whose unemployment rate hit 21.6 percent in June, is almost like a slur.

So, so close. Presumably an actual slur would be accusing a Virginian politician of turning his back on a capital gains tax cut.

See, back in '99, the Republican then-Governor, Mr. Gilmore, vetoed popular Democratic legislation with significant GOP support to extend health and unemployment benefits for folks in Virginia who lived in areas with over 10% unemployment (which is to say Martinsville, where a plant had just closed and left a lot of folks unemployed). He wanted to stimulate the economy by giving the money to businesses instead and letting it trickle down to Martinsville.

The Post feels that it's not fair to look at current Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert F. McDonnell's vote supporting his then-Governor's plan to deny those benefits without context. To be fair to McDonnell (who's in a GOP spotlight battle this year), you need to know that when he voted to support Gilmore's stance against assistance for Martinsville, it was because he agreed that it would be expensive to cover all the unemployed people who would be covered if any place other than Martinsville was affected.

Duly noted.

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