May. 12th, 2009

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helpfully attached to Dana Milbank's next day story about Rush Limbaugh and the Correspondents Dinner

and what is this "Democrat Party" of which they speak? As promised, the Post helps you understand more about it
The president in his State of the Union address Tuesday night left out a tiny little suffix that means a whole lot to some people. He did it so subtly you could have missed it. Just a little "-ic." What's in an "-ic"?

Bush started the speech on a bipartisan note, honoring the first Madam Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, and calling on the country to come together.

Then: "I congratulate the Democrat majority," he said, dropping the last two letters from "Democratic."

Bush does this a lot, and while it's hard to say if the omission was intentional in this instance, it is a semantic tactic that's been part of Republican warfare for decades. It's a little thing, a means of needling the opposition by purposefully mispronouncing its name, and of suggesting that the party on the left is not truly small-"d" democratic. The president's pronunciation was all the more striking because it was apparently not what Bush was supposed to say. The prepared speech that the White House distributed beforehand retained that precious "-ic."


But for those who see a big symbol in two little letters, the question becomes: Is a man who can't say "-ic" capable of being bipartisan?
although that explanation is, oddly, not linked to the graphic.

Baby steps.

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Remember this?

HENNEN: Some people are wringing their hands saying, “This is an example of why the party needs to change, to hear the message of Specter,” that, as Colin Powell said, the Republican Party needs to moderate. Do you think the Republican Party needs to moderate? Is that the message of the Specter defection, or the state of the party these days?

CHENEY: No I don’t. I think it would be a mistake for us to moderate. This is about fundamental beliefs and values and ideas…what the role of government should be in our society, and our commitment to the Constitution and Constitutional principles. You know, when you add all those things up the idea that we ought to moderate basically means we ought to fundamentally change our philosophy. I for one am not prepared to do that, and I think most us aren’t.

but some of "us," apparently, are

Even as Gov. Charlie Crist comes under fire from Florida conservatives, he will be getting some important political backing today as he announces that he’s running for the Senate in Florida.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee will be endorsing Crist, according to a senior Hill operative, marking the first time it has taken sides (for a non-incumbent) in a competitive GOP primary this election cycle.

The committee’s decision will make it tougher for former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio to raise money against Crist, given that the party has given the governor its stamp of approval. Rubio has won support from Florida conservatives and has a base in the Cuban-American community, but will need to raise a significant amount of money to credibly compete against Crist in the primary.

so what? Well, Crist is kind of an outlier among GOP governors who are looking at '12

The Stimulus Set-To: Crist was, by far, the most prominent Republican elected official to speak out in favor of President Obama's $787 billion economic stimulus package -- even appearing with the president at an event in the Sunshine State touting the plan. Republican base voters expressed outrage at such spending by the federal government -- taking out their frustration at a series of town halls nationwide on April 15. Crist's primary against Rubio will serve as a litmus test for how politically potent the stimulus package will be in 2010 and beyond. Every poll points to a relatively pedestrian primary victory for Crist over Rubio but the latter candidate is on the right side of the stimulus issue in terms of the base.

and his putative opponent,  a conservative from the politically powerful cuban community, is running in support of the congressional Republicans who put up a solid front against the package

Meanwhile, State Representative Marco Rubio, 37, a Miami Republican and former House speaker, announced last week that he would run for the Senate with a tough appeal to conservatives. “Some believe the path to security and prosperity is a larger government involvement in our economy,” Mr. Rubio said in a videotaped statement. He added, “The majority of us don’t agree with that view.”

...He has overseen billions in budget cuts that are still being felt, while strongly backing the Obama administration’s stimulus. Mr. Crist even appeared with the president in Fort Myers to rally support for it. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican from Miami Beach, recently told a local reporter that “diehard Republicans are still mad at Charlie” for his fiscal policy.

and the NRSC was supposed to be staying out of it

“All the signals I’ve been getting is that he probably will [get into the race], but I don’t want to make any announcements for him, because he’s the one who will ultimately decide whether to pull the trigger or not,” said Texas Sen. John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

But Cornyn added that he will not intervene in a contested primary, in which Crist would be facing former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio. Rubio, a conservative Republican, announced his candidacy Tuesday and has been critical of Crist for supporting President Barack Obama’s stimulus proposal.

but that was last week.

Before Rush and Dick said the Republican party had to chase out the moderates (Michael Steele said they could stay, as long as they shut up and do what they're told). Guess that's not polling very well.

I guess the NRSC is more frightened of paying for a Florida Senate race than they are of Rush and Dick. Maybe if they offered to pick up the bills?

edit: awesome. Florida conservatives are promising a fight, and they say that Jeb Bush is secretly on their side - maybe because Cornyn bases his endorsement in part on Crist cleaning up the mess Bush left behind him?
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It's hard out there for an iconic figure inspiring the masses to transcendence by her very being:

At American Daily, Thomas Lindaman exhorted the troops, "You are not alone. When you stand, you stand with legions of others who agree... When you stand, you scream, 'I am John Galt, and I will not submit!'" without, alas, announcing that he would be joining them -- though with his declaration that "John Galt is Sarah Palin, a woman who was no-nonsense in her approach to government and to this country," Lindaman is probably not predicting that Palin will go off the grid, but rather implying that a no-nonsense attitude will serve as Galtism enough for patriots who'd rather not make actual financial sacrifices.

but going Galt (it's a passion of Dr. Mrs. Instapundit. It's essentially a principled rationale for snatching the tip off the table when your tenured public schooteacher husband goes for your coats) appears not to have worked out for Sarah Palin
Gov. Sarah Palin has signed a book deal with HarperCollins Publishers for what is described as her memoir.

"There have been so many things written and said through mainstream media that have not been accurate and it will be nice through an unfiltered forum to get to speak truthfully about who we are and what we stand for and what Alaska is all about," Palin said in an interview today in which she announced the deal.

Palin and HarperCollins would not say how much she was being paid. Asked why, the governor and former Republican nominee for vice president said she didn't want to distract from the substance of the book.

"The idea is to focus on the content of the book and what's coming in terms of me being able to tell my story unrestrained and unfiltered," Palin said.

The governor said details will be disclosed as required under Alaska law when her annual financial disclosures are due next March. Her advance from the publisher is likely to be paid in stages, though, and it's not clear if she has to disclose the full amount on that report or only the portion received in 2009, according to the state public offices commission.

The book is to be published sometime in the spring of 2010. Palin will collaborate on the book with a professional writer, who is expected to be chosen soon. The governor said she wants to do a lot of the writing herself, and that it will be her story and her words.

"It will be nice to put my journalism degree to work on this and get to tell my story, Alaska's story. There have been so many unauthorized books and publications that have spoken to somebody else's opinion of who I am what my family represents and what Alaska is all about," she said.

Published reports this winter suggested Palin was pursuing an $11 million advance. She called that figure "laughable" in January but has never provided another. Palin she'd give a portion of the book money to charities, although she hasn't decided how much or which ones.
Governor Palin is currently appearing in an off-off-off-off Broadway production of Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner for the same theater chain.


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