Jun. 1st, 2012

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So, Assemblymember Grace Meng seems like an admirable candidate, particularly when her victory would ensure that I won't be forced to vote for Lancman (although I'll admit the luminous transparency of his lurch to the left for the purposes of this campaign has been as amusing as I'm going to find that sort of thing in the wake of the 2008 primaries, particularly sitting on the fluffy pillow of his endorsement by Ed Koch).

In any case, I would have no trouble voting for Ms. Meng, with the possible exception of the fact that Ms. Meng's campaign apparatus is sorely tempting me pretty much daily to stay home on primary day.

So far, we've had the canvasser who came to my door, would not take no for an answer, visibly lost his temper when I declined to discuss the election with him, and demanded to speak to my husband; the (this is not hyperbole) dozens of hangup calls from her campaign; and the six calls where I actually spoke to an operator and asked them to take my name off of their list (of course, that didn't work when I contacted their campaign directly to ask them to do it, so I don't know what I was thinking).

Sorry, had to go answer the phone. It was Ms. Meng's campaign. 

Which, I think, unless they have unlimited funds budgeted for discouraging yellow dog frequent primary voters from voting for their candidate, might want to consider a slightly more responsive phone banking operation.

For the record, my husband, whose opinion appears to be highly coveted in all this, agrees.


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