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I mentioned earlier this week that I (along with a number of far more estimable people) am going to attend the Drum Major Institute Annual Benefit today.

What no-one knew then was that one of the guests of honor (in recognition of PlaNYC, his sweeping plan to make New York City a model for environmentally sustainable cities in the 21st century), Republican NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg, was going to announce two days ago that he's left the Republican party.

Speculation would have it that he plans to run for President (he's infrequently mentioned without the tag "billionaire" and he self-financed extremely expensive runs for mayor, so he has the potential to be a huge wild card). He says not.

I confidently expect a certain amount of buzz.

If you're interested in being there for it, you can still get tickets.

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hey. I'm back from that other place (gotta start sometime).

Posting will recommence in the interstices of yet another really busy week - Tonight I'll be one of the "Progressive Bloggers" at the Take Back America Conference Gala Dinner in DC (which I understand tickets are still available for).

I will be one of the bloggers who isn't Digby. Someone there won't.

On the 21st, the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy is holding their annual benefit, and I'm going to that too (and tickets are also, I think, still available).

This one is kind of special because Steve was one of the honorees last year, and because we do keep asking why there's no think tank industrial complex on the left.


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