Jan. 14th, 2003

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but when I read it the first time I had a tragic hummous accident.

snotglass takes on lefty appeasers and Our Fearless Leader's brilliant Korea strategy.

The money quote is from Professor Jukes Kallikak of the Steve Woodmore School of Diplomacy at the American Enterprise Institute.

You know, IT hates it when you get hummous in your keyboard.

a. hem.

Jan. 14th, 2003 12:48 pm
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Senate President Doug White admitted making an anti-Semitic remark at a Cleveland event recently but said he apologized to state Jewish leaders after he realized that some in the audience found it offensive.

"The comment was a very offhand one that I had no knowledge of its sensitivity. It's one I've used very seldom in my life," said Mr. White, a Republican from Manchester.

At a Cleveland fund-raiser before the Nov. 5 election, Mr. White used the expression "we need to Jew them down," which many Jewish people find objectionable and based on an offensive stereotype.

Mr. White was sworn in last week as senate president, replacing the retiring Richard Finan, R-Evendale.

He said it came in the context of a joke about a rodeo. Then, as if to say that he was a product of his rural upbringing, he said, "I grew up in Adams County." He referred further questions to Jewish leaders.

I think the nice man needs to learn some value neutral expressions, like "I was Ohio State Senator Doug White until I ate the flax seeds but then I lost forty pounds in one eventful trip to the Ohio Senate Majority Caucus"
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you should be reading Public Nuisance anyway.

Q: How many Joe Liebermans does it take to change a light bulb?

A: We must move beyond narrow partisanship. I am not afraid to replace a light bolb that is working or leave a burned out bulb in place.

Q: How many Bill Frists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Senator Frist saw a light bulb that needed changing and as a trained bulb-changer volunteered to change it in an act of heroism. Later, he charged Medicare $600 for the new bulb.
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I actually think my feelings are hurt.
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While walking one day through that cancerously fecund temple of soulless capitalism, Sam's Club, I found a book on the History of the World. It was a beautiful coffee table book, 1,500 pages long, hard bound with a blue and gold jacket, full color illustrations on every thick, shiny page, and that plastic smell that art books always have when you hold your face close to the pages. A beautiful book, $20. God Bless America...


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