Mar. 14th, 2003

sisyphusshrugged: (Claude Rains Memorial Gambling Awareness)

And the Claude Rains Memorial Gambling Awareness Award goes to...

Andy Sullivan, who is, he says, "shocked" that anti-gay imagery (which he hooks up to Der Sturmer's infamous anti-semitic images and Goebbels' propaganda - gee, who'd uv thunk it?) is acceptable to the Weekly Standard.

As the righteously indignant Mr. Sullivan says,

If the equivalent kind of image of a black person - huge lips, Afro hair, bongo drums, etc. - or of a Jew - hook-nosed, money-counting, devious - were presented to a respectable publication, it would never see the light of day.

and as if to prove his point, this from his employer, the Washington Times:

via the Mighty Reason Man of Very Very Happy, who reads Sullivan so I don't have to.

oh, damn

Mar. 14th, 2003 10:39 am
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I read in Natalie Davis' blog that Lynne Thigpen died. (You may remember her as the Chief in Carmen Sandiego, or as the president in the otherwise almost uniformly unfortunate Bicentennial Man, or as the lovely voice of the moon in Bear in the Big Blue House, or in Godspell, or as Grace Keefer on All My Children, or in Bob Roberts, or in any of dozens of roles in which she was intelligent and competent and just a real comfort to watch.

She was very young. I'm sorry about this.


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