Mar. 29th, 2003

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I'm a slacker, but only because I went to a wedding last night and didn't get home until two.

I have a bunch of stuff but I probably won't get to it until this afternoon.

In the interim, I really felt like I needed to share that the Duane Reade in the Chrysler building is, *while they last,* (does the comma go inside the far-too-precious asterisk brackets?) selling chocolate crucifixes.

Milk chocolate, yet.
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The president of Columbia University said yesterday that he was horrified by the remarks of an anthropology professor who said at a campus antiwar teach-in Wednesday night that he hoped to see "a million Mogadishus" - referring to the city in Somalia where American soldiers were ambushed in a lethal firefight in 1993.

The professor, Nicholas De Genova, also called for the defeat of United States forces in Iraq, and said the only true heroes are those who help defeat the American military. He said Americans who call themselves patriots are imperialist white supremacists...

whereas I say that inviting someone who holds the views of Professor De Genova to speak at an anti-war teach-in is not dissimilar in its gorge-lofting inappropriacy to inviting George W. Bush or John Ashcroft to speak at a freedom rally.

Who died and made all you fervent souls supreme beings? The warbloggers Know Who Should Die, the Green leadership has an acceptable level of collateral human suffering, the Republicans are panting to give up the constitution to preserve it, fundamentalists all over the religious spectrum are convinced that they have the inside line on who God wants eliminated by his self-appointed deputies here on earth, the Democrats are so afraid of not being there to stand between the country and neo-con hell that they vote with the Republicans and a motley crew of true-believing once-principled activists from all points of the spectrum are giving into their frustration and following Nader into the desert for the dinner theater roadshow of Jonahmania - Not the Actual Mad Prophet Calling Down God's Wrath and Destruction on the Insufficiently Penitent, but An Amazing Simulation.

The ends don't justify the means, the means don't justify the ends, and grow up, assholes. My kid has to live in this world.


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