Apr. 4th, 2003

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Michael Kelly was killed in a humvee accident in Iraq while covering the war for the Washington Post. Kelly, who has been better known for his work as a polemicist these past years, had covered the first Gulf War as a freelance journalist.

His last dispatch was published yesterday.


Apr. 4th, 2003 01:32 pm
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Laura at Interesting Monstah (conveniently located over yonder on the sidebar for your clickthrough enjoyment) recommends [livejournal.com profile] diva_stardust for a pop-culture fix, and I heartily agree. I've been working my way through her analysis of the influence of the deviant undercurrents of Little House on the Prairie on Joss Whedon and his development of Buffy.

I think the thing about Nellie Olson's rockin' sex life would be worth the price of admission if there was one.


Apr. 4th, 2003 06:18 pm
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things I knew already and things I learned

1) don't do mechanical layout in Illustrator
2) don't try to put the mechanical layouts of bus shelter posters with resolution-dependent embedded files in them into a powerpoint document
3) don't change to a version of your production software no-one on the planet has yet
4) if you must ignore 3), at least save the output in a format which is capable of being opened (or at least viewed) by another application
5) Don't switch to the new OS, no matter how sexy it is, if none of your vendors have it yet.

What I didn't know

1) there are people who have never heard rules 1-5 above
2) my internal clients take technical advice from them
3) I get to fix it

blogging will resume tomorrow


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