Jun. 5th, 2003

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Howell Raines is out.

New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines and Managing Editor Gerald Boyd resigned Thursday in the wake of the journalistic fraud scandal involving reporter Jayson Blair.

The Times said Joseph Lelyveld, a former executive editor of the Times, had been named interim executive editor. The paper said no one would be named interim managing editor.

``This is a day that breaks my heart,'' Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger told staffers at a morning newsroom meeting...

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Fashionable despair. I've pretty much had it with fashionable despair.

I think we've all pretty much accepted that what's going on with the Bush group running all three branches of government is not very good.

I am tired to fucking death of watching cautiously centrist people hedge their Future Credibility by leaping on anything the left does that the right might get leverage with and pre-emptively beat it to death.

I am sick of the untouchable popular fiction that holds that all of this damage is being done for some perfectly sane and reasonable purpose that we just don't quite Get.

This shit is happening because YAF and the editor of the school paper and the football team and the cheerleaders and the radical fringe of the chess club have gotten together and they're running the school for themselves. They're not good at it, they're hurting people pretty much because they can, it's all going to fall apart on our heads and they don't give a fuck because they're Winning.

Worried about what your cool libertarian friends or your boss or the other associates will think?

Here, let me help you out with some easy street cred.

I'm a liberal. Fuck you.


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