Jun. 8th, 2003

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OK, I've been really annoyed since Dana Milbank told Howard Kurtz on that little weekly conflict of interest Kurtz hosts on CNN that he beat the crap out of Gore in the Washington Post during the election because Gore Thought He Was All That and Shit and Dana was like, all, psha and later, right?

If I had known he was a such a funny guy I would have definitely cut him some slack. I have a weakness for dark humor.

My bad.

From today's Post piece on Bush, the event horizon of expectations that go screaming eternally into the frozen stillness that lies behind the political black hole where truth goes to die under the gentle prodding of the honorable men (and they are all honorable men, even Condi, who's would be an honorable woman except that she is the Former Provost of Stanford University, which as I'm sure you don't need to be reminded is a post that strips race and gender from its incumbent) of the current administration:

Bush has spent much of his life exceeding expectations. As an undergraduate at Yale University, he overcame the suspicion that he was admitted because he was the son of a prominent alumnus, and became a leader of fraternity life. As a baseball team owner, he built a successful franchise despite a belief that he had lackluster business skills and was trading on his father's reputation. In his first gubernatorial race, against Democratic incumbent Ann Richards, he similarly confounded the doubters of his political abilities.

Um. Yeah.

He overcame being a legacy with a rich father in congress to become successful in his university, which is pretty damn amazing when you consider that he got in that way, and then he used political influence to get the public to inflate the value of the piece of the Rangers he was handed for free so that he could use his political influence to inflate its value.

Then he whupped the Democratic governor of his Republican state with nothing but huge piles of his former-favorite-son-president dad's friends' money and the collusion of the people who owned the media outlets, who let him make wild unsubstantiated charges which their targets weren't allowed to respond to, and the most successful political operative in recent Texas history to tell him what charges to make.

If past performance gave me any reason to believe that our boy Dana had even a rudimentary grasp of irony, I'd send his ass flowers.

What his ass did with them afterwards I'd leave up to him.

In other polevaulting the wormtracks presidential news,

Palestinians Attack Israeli Post Near Gaza

Bomb Kills 4 Peacekeepers in Kabul

U.S. Soldier Killed, 4 Hurt Near Tikrit

Details Sought on Bush Role in Texas Dispute

But hey, at least he doesn't act like he's all that, just as long as everyone else is careful to say he is.

And I bet he hasn't had spit on his penis in _years_


Jun. 8th, 2003 06:44 pm
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We deadheaded the roses, terraced the overgrown sages, transplanted most them to the side of the house where nothing grows, separated the lavenders into a surprising nine plants, transplanted some of them to the side of the house where nothing grows, scrubbed the moss off of the picnic table, cut back the ivy, hosed down the driveway and the stairs and our sadly abbreviated patio, transplanted the columbines to where the sun could get at them, thinned the onions, transplanted some volunteer coreopsis, cut back the rose branches that were overgrowing the stairs and pulled a metric [rude word]-pile of weeds, which went dutifully into compost-, mulch- and garbage receptacles, as determined by the husband (who has chosen the nom de blog of Orpheus in Hindsight - turn a girl's head, that could).

The air extending up to eighteen inches from my body hurts.
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Appearing on morning news programs, Secretary of State Colin Powell and national security advisor Condoleezza Rice said there was broad consensus in the intelligence community that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and they believe that intelligence was sound.

"We have no doubt whatsoever that over the last several years, they have retained such weapons or retained the capability to start up production of such weapons," Powell said on CNN's Late Edition.

"We also know they are masters of deceit and masters of hiding these things, and so a little patience is required," he said. Powell called it "really somewhat outrageous on the part of some critics to say that this was all bogus."

Concerns have been rising worldwide that the arsenal of weapons of mass destruction described by the administration has not been found in the weeks after the war that toppled former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Critics questioning whether the administration used faulty or manipulated intelligence as grounds for war point to a Defense Intelligence Agency report from September of 2002, disclosed last week, that said the agency did not have enough "reliable information" on Iraq's alleged chemical weapons.

Powell and Rice said that quote was taken out of context, giving a misleading impression of the report.

A line "talked about not having the evidence of current facilities and current stockpiling. The very next sentence says that it had information that (chemical) weapons had been dispersed to units," Powell said on Fox News Sunday.

which, under attack, chose not to use them.

"Bullshit" - Colin Powell

oh, har.

Jun. 8th, 2003 08:52 pm
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note from the management: for those of you who aren't familiar with Little Green Footballs, it's an ongoing web-based performance art piece wherein volunteers from around the world post daily in an attempt to track online the degradation of higher functions resulting from a group commitment to eschew nostril use (at least for breathing) for the benefit of their faithful onlookers, a group which appears to be limited to participants and the kind of people who slow down to look at accidents during rush hour in hopes of seeing blood. In something of a triumph of truth in packaging, the blog title refers to flicked boogers. Also they don't much like muslims.

via the Sideshow:

LITTLE BLUE SOCCER BALLS. (Warning: post depends on arcane blogocentric references.) Well they finally caught another one of them. What is up with those white Christians and their so-called "Prince of Peace"? Isn't it time to start focusing on them at airports? Should we let them buy firearms or take flying lessons without extra background checks?

I used to be a leftist, although I have no way of actually confirming this. That plus the fact that I'm a rock musician means I can't be a bigot.

If they aren't blowing up Federal buildings, they're setting off bombs in Olympic Parks, murdering physicians, and terrorizing women who go to family planning clinics. Now you may say, why demonize the group for the actions of some isolated individuals. But we don't see Puerto Ricans fire-bombing clinics, do we? If I wasn't so lazy, I would post some photographs to help emotionalize my pathetic argument without providing any substantive support for it. Don't you know the world has changed? Just look at the hole in the ground in Oklahoma City and you know all you need to know in order to rant like a moron.

Please patronize the vendors who advertise on this blog (i.e., me).

Now feel free to post 150 comments reflecting your galloping stupidity and prejudice.


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