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Tim Dunlop at the Road to Surfdom (which is a marvelous blog, so quite a few people read it) has a very generous idea. He's offering the comments of one of his blog posts for people who have a post (or an entire blog) that they'd like to get more attention for.

You'll have 50 words to sell your work, and the best links will go into a separate post.

Think you'd get more readers if folks knew you were there?

Here's your shot.

Good luck...
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White and black Hispanics -- as well as Hispanics who say that they are "some other race" -- work different jobs, earn different levels of pay and reside in segregated neighborhoods based on the shade of their skin, according to a report released today by the Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research at the State University of New York in Albany.

The report, "How Race Counts for Hispanic Americans," follows the recent declaration by Census officials that Hispanics, who can be of any race, have become the nation's largest ethnic minority. Its authors and others who examine the U.S. Hispanic population said it was the first to look at how the group is divided along the color line.

Latinos who described themselves as white on the 2000 Census had the highest incomes and lowest rates of unemployment and poverty, and they tended to live near communities of non-Latino whites, said the report, which analyzed Census figures nationwide. Nearly 50 percent of Latinos who filed a Census report said they were white, according to the center's report.

The 2.7 percent of Latinos who described themselves as black, most of them from the Caribbean, had lower incomes and higher rates of poverty than the other groups -- despite having a higher level of education.

Among Latinos who described themselves as "some other race," earnings and levels of poverty and unemployment fell between black and white members of their ethnic group. About 47 percent of Latinos said on Census forms that they are "some other race," according to the report.

"The point of the report," said John R. Logan, the report's lead researcher, "is that if we take seriously the way people talk about their race, and the reality of their lives, we find that there are real distinctions between white and black Latinos and Hispanics who say they are some other race."

White Hispanics, the report said, have more economic power: Their median household income is $39,900, about $5,000 more than the median income of black Hispanic households and about $2,500 more than Hispanics who say they are some other race.

But black Hispanics are better-educated: They average nearly 12 years of education, compared with 11 for white Hispanics and 10 for the "other race" group. Despite their education, black Hispanics have 12 percent unemployment, compared with 8 percent for white Hispanics and about 10 percent for Hispanics who say they are neither race...

I would dearly love to hear Justice Thomas' thoughts on this.

Perhaps caucasians should be ashamed that people can assume they got ahead without being equally qualified?

I suspect that won't be his conclusion.
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for now, anyway.

You can find her here.
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Do you read The Hamster?

Eric Hanaoki posts links to the day's top stories every morning. Take a look.

"Happy Birthday to President Bush. Turned 57 years old. If you haven't gotten him a gift yet, you can't go wrong with an economic plan. He doesn't have one of those." Jay Leno.

"President Bush remained undeterred by the massive display of American opposition, even though much of it came from the hundreds of thousands of voters who supported [him] by voting for Nader." ÑJon Stewart, on anti-war protests

"A satellite dish in New Mexico has picked up signals that may be from another planet. Today President Bush released a statement, 'That's one small step for man, is there oil there?'" ÑConan O'Brien
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Ari Fleischer explains why the SOTU story isn't, well, a story.

The White House on Monday dismissed as a "bunch of bull" charges that President Bush used disputed intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq and said there was no need to delve further into the matter, which Democrats want investigated.

"As far as the president's concerned, he's moved on. ... I think the bottom has been gotten to," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said of a disputed statement in the president's State of the Union address that Iraq sought to buy uranium from Africa for its alleged nuclear weapons program.

"This revisionist notion that somehow this is now the core of why we went to war, a central issue in why we went to war, a fundamental underpinning of the president's decisions, is a bunch of bull," Fleischer added.

Not being a texan, Fleischer apparently wasn't aware of which end you grasp the bull by.
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