Aug. 3rd, 2003

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...Now sectarian swords are being drawn. The National Association of Evangelicals, after a private screening of ‘‘The Passion,’’ released a statement last week saying, ‘‘Christians seem to be a major source of support for Israel,’’ and implying that such support could vanish if Jewish leaders ‘‘risk alienating two billion Christians over a movie.’’

Foxman says he finds that statement ‘‘obnoxious and offensive.’’

‘‘Here’s the first time we’ve heard that linkage: We support Israel, so shut up about anti-Semitism,’’ he added. ‘‘If that’s what support of Israel means, no thanks.’’

But the real question here is why Gibson and his minions would go out of their way to bait Jews and sow religious conflict, especially at this fragile historical moment. It’s enough to make you pray for the second coming of Charlton Heston.

With friends like these, I believe the saying goes.
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Rat Watch

Republicans in Congress are voting against Bush, no doubt with an eye on their districts.

Moral giant George Will decries Republican political incivility, which he believes they learned from watching the Bork hearings.

Congress wonders if perhaps spending VA money on the VA rather than on endless studies of the virtues of outsources might not be a nice thing to do for the veterans, what with an election coming up and all.

The Washington Post leads with the news that Governor Dean actually has a record as an executive and he gets a lot of the credit for Vermont's good fiscal condition.

Not Impressed

Tom Oliphant is not impressed with Republican message discipline in the House.

My beloved Molly isn't impressed with the 9-11 report, as redacted.

Cry victim and let loose the dogs of war.

Ellen Goodman on the Republican rush to the wafer:SO IT TAKES an ecumenical group of zealots charging anti-Catholicism in an ad running in a state with a Greek Orthodox senator to make me fully understand the word chutzpah. I guess this is what it means to live in a multicultural society?

Ward Connerly, professional minority victim, decries the culture of minority victimhood. There ought to be a law, he says.

Shorter Mark Steyn: minority children have no reason to think well of themselves, and the schools shouldn't encourage them to.

ahem. HAR.

Aug. 3rd, 2003 09:47 pm
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from USA Today, Affleck and Lo fans explain what they liked about Gigli:

Brooklyn resident Sabrina Latchman says romance is apparent when Ricki gives Gigli an explicit lesson in the female form while practicing yoga in a sports bra and tight shorts.

"You see strong feelings," Latchman says.

So now I'm wondering exactly what pose that was.


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