Aug. 19th, 2003

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A Sonnet for Fox News - I retort: You decide.
(dedicated to [ profile] misseli and [ profile] chipuni. They know why)

My channel's stories are nothing like the news;
A gyroscope is far more balanced, than its balance spun:
If truth be fair, why then their slant is dun;
If the center holds, full dexter do they run.
I have seen the flowers of verity spring from stony earth,
But my news is like a well-kept parking lot;
And in some charnel houses is there more delight
Than in the reechy whiff of their intellectual rot.
I love to hear them temporize, yet well I know
That modem squeals hath a far more pleasing sound:
I grant I never saw a righteous media conglomerate go,
My channel, when it talks, of shit talks quite a mound:
And yet by heaven, I think my Fox is dear,
Because it tells me nothing that I do not want to hear.
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President Bush also indicated that while he believed that new individual tax cuts were not needed now to invigorate the economy, corporate tax cuts might make sense.

"I believe the tax relief packages we have in place are doing their job," he said. "But I'm a flexible person."
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Politically correct and theologically sensitive critics may accomplish today what non-believers were unable to achieve for 2,000 years -- make the Gospel less offensive.

Mel Gibson, "under fire from Jewish groups," according to Religion News Service, has agreed to "soften" his portrayal of Jews in his upcoming film's depiction of the death of Jesus Christ.

"The Passion," which will be released next March, will add sympathetic Jewish characters to the storyline and have them shout unbiblical words of opposition to Jesus' crucifixion, lest moviegoers get the impression that Jews actually wanted God's Son put to death.

The movie apparently also will do without the Gospel account of a Jewish mob calling for Jesus' blood "to be on us and on our children," according to RNS. "That's in the Gospel," the news service quotes the film's marketing director, Paul Lauer, who added, "It's not in our film."

Given the inroads critics already have made and given liberal Hollywood's antipathy for anything Christian, Christians should pray that the Good News doesn't end up merely the pretty good news by the time it hits theater screens.

Gibson's movie, which has been previewed in select private showings, already is widely acclaimed -- by Christians -- as the most accurate and faithful film depiction of the last hours of Jesus' life.

As any Christian with a casual familiarity with the Gospels is aware, Jesus' death was predestined by God and directly resulted from the plotting and insistence of Jews and Jewish leaders, including Judas Iscariot, the scribes, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, King Herod, high priests Annas and Caiaphas, and ultimately was carried out on orders from the Roman governor Pontius Pilate, who unsuccessfully tried to persuade the Jewish mob that there was no reason to kill Him.

One might imagine contemporary Jews could be a tad sensitive about their ancestors' roles in the plot and murder, even though Jesus and His followers also were Jews...

There was that whole Vatican 2 thing, but we're the Whore of Babylon, so we don't get a say in the whole Christ thing.

Then there's this juicy note:

...There are, I'm told, some people who still speak ill of the Jews, but I suspect that only the Hebrew knights of the ADL really care any more. The truth is American Jews have melted into the vast tapestry of the population. Their children are quite likely to marry out of the faith and, for many, explaining why their kids get gifts Christmas morning is mostly answered with a shrug...

Nice big tent they got over there on the right.


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