Sep. 2nd, 2003

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from the Top Ten Conservative Idiots for this week:

And finally: Jack Clemmons, superintendent of the Lubbock (Texas) Independent School District last year banned students from forming a Gay Straight Alliance group (purpose: "to provide support for gay and straight students and promote equality in the school system and community"). Managing to roll ignorance and bigotry into a nice neat ball, Lubbock said "I would have denied other clubs whose basis was sex. I would have denied a Bestiality Club. I would have denied a Gigolo Club. I would have denied a Prostitute Club." How about a hypocrisy club? Jack Clemmons could be the founding member. See, while the superintendent was busy banning all things sex-related in his school district, he was apparently conducting an extra-marital affair with an employee on school property, and using school computers to send her dirty emails. The emails turned up as part of a lawsuit which Lambda Legal is filing on behalf of the Gay Straight Alliance group against the Lubbock Independent School District - the messages were written on school computers, so by law they are part of the public record. I know you're dying for a sample, so here goes: "You should know by now that I mean that I will begin by giving you a kiss but that it will soon lead to a..." Nah, that one's pretty boring. How about: "I will give you an additional $500.00 ... If you will get totally naked with me here in the office. What do you think? I am serious. You would have to be naked and allow me to..." Stop right there! I've heard enough! The really funny thing is that apparently less than five hours after he wrote that last email, Clemmons appeared on local TV to defend the school district's abstinence-only sex education policy. Ah, conservatives. Hours and hours of free entertainment. See you next week!


Sep. 2nd, 2003 01:38 pm
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Kip and Ted (who has taken up blogging again) talk about Cruz Bustamente's problem or lack of problem with a group that he's affiliated with or isn't which is (or isn't) loosely affiliated with a group which is reactionary and exclusionary and determined to shut out people of other races (no, not the California Republicans, although I'm pleased that they can see their way clear to condemning it, at least when other people do it).
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I truly never thought I would feel sorry for George W. Bush.

...Barbara Bush is described by her closest intimates as prone to "withering stares" and "sharply crystalline" retorts. She is also extremely tough. When he was seven, Bush's younger sister, Robin, died of leukaemia and several independent witnesses say he was very upset by this loss. Barbara claims its effect was exaggerated but nobody could accuse her of overreacting: the day after the funeral, she and her husband were on the golf course.

She was the main authority-figure in the home. Jeb describes it as having been, "A kind of matriarchy... when we were growing up, dad wasn't at home. Mom was the one to hand out the goodies and the discipline." A childhood friend recalls that,"She was the one who instilled fear", while Bush put it like this: "Every mother has her own style. Mine was a little like an army drill sergeant's... my mother's always been a very outspoken person who vents very well - she'll just let rip if she's got something on her mind." According to his uncle, the "letting rip" often included slaps and hits. Countless studies show that boys with such mothers are at much higher risk of becoming wild, alcoholic or antisocial.

On top of that, Barbara added substantially to the pressure from his father to be a high achiever by creating a highly competitive family culture. All the children's games, be they tiddlywinks or baseball, were intensely competitive - an actual "family league table" was kept of performance in various pursuits. At least this prepared him for life at Andover, where emotional literacy was definitely not part of the curriculum. Soon after arriving, he was asked to write an essay on a soul-stirring experience in his life to date and he chose the death of his sister. His mother had drilled it into him that it was wrong when writing to repeat words already used. Having employed "tears" once in the essay, he sought a substitute from a thesaurus she had given him and wrote "the lacerates ran down my cheeks". The essay received a fail grade, accompanied by derogatory comments such as "disgraceful"...

The teacher who wrote that about my kid's essay on the slow painful death of his sister would have been in the principal's office fighting for their job shortly thereafter.

I suppose the fact that he or she wasn't explains a lot about how the 'upper' classes in this country see the world. Also the Bush family.


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