Oct. 3rd, 2003

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that said, what is it with the horsy black gaussian blur drop shadow behind my boy Howard's head? Did you people really put a clipping path on that thing? Howard is not one of nature's beauties, people. He needs your help. This is not cutting it.

I do like the muted pastel dayglo blue of his shirt, though.

The Los Angeles Times dropped an October surprise on Arnold Schwarzenegger yesterday, running detailed interviews with six women who say the actor groped them during the last 30 years.

The New York Daily News and National Enquirer threw Rush Limbaugh for a loss with reports that he is under investigation for buying illegal painkillers, hours after Limbaugh quit as a football commentator because of racially charged comments.

And major news organizations pounded the Bush administration for a fifth day for outing a CIA operative to columnist Robert Novak.

Is there a unifying thread here? "The conservatives go bonkers because it confirms everything they always believed about the press -- that it's tilted to the left and one reason they get up in the morning is to destroy major conservative figures," said University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato. "But the public says, 'There they go again,' scandal after scandal, trying to sell newspapers."

The fact that conservatives or Republicans are on the receiving end of media-driven accusations in Washington, Los Angeles and Palm Beach, Fla., may be mere coincidence. But the reaction has been predictably partisan, with conservatives on the defensive and liberals embracing the kind of headlines they denounce when one of their number is under fire.

Oh, Howie. Lamb. You've been doing those lime jell-o tequila shots, and you got the gummy worm again.

Let's address this, shall we?

First of all, the election has only been definitely scheduled for a little over a week. Hell, we only found out about it to begin with a few months ago. This is not an October Surprise in the timeframe of this election. In the timeframe of this election, this is a late August surprise.

Also, not for nothing, but the man did apologize and admit that the story was true, so the six women weren't, think about this, Howie, really the fault of the newspaper. If your guy wasn't handling women like Portnoy playing with liver he wouldn't be having this problem.

Rush. I have to give you that one. Liberals gave Rush a roofie, which he's too embarassed to talk about because he doesn't quite remember what he did afterwards and he found a smeared cocktail napkin from the Friendly Burro Leather Bar and Steamroom tucked into his underwear. Rush would never shoot off his mouth and humiliate himself in front of America by being an unregenerate boorish racist buffoon.

That's why his TV show is so damn successful.

Someone in the White House committed treason, Howie. The White House is starting to say things about what might have happened inadvertantly. The news is just supposed to cover stuff like that.

If it makes you feel any better, they didn't say anything earlier and ruin either of the months of the president's vacation.

Also, Rush is not the only conservative in trouble in Palm Beach. Jerry Regier is fucked too.

I'm sure you'd rather not introduce America to him, though, so we'll move on.

Dr. Sabato's earlier books include an investigation of the influential corps of American political consultants and their new campaign technologies (such as polling, direct mail, and television advertising) entitled,[sic] The Rise of Political Consultants: New Ways of Winning Elections

Wonder who he knows in the White House? Fox News calls him "america's favorite political scientist"

So much for that.

But the reaction has been predictably partisan, with conservatives on the defensive and liberals embracing the kind of headlines they denounce when one of their number is under fire.

See, I had to quote that one.

'Cause, see, Howie, when "one of our number is under fire" it's only very rarely that they've done any of the things they're being accused of. You people attack us. That's what you do, and how you personally keep in good with your girlfriend the thinktank piranha.

There's every reason to believe that every person you've mentioned is well and truly busted.

And poor you, Howie baby, lips cracked and stained with mercurochrome from all those hours pressed up against Rush's heavily medicated cratered butt.

Woops: turns out I'm behind the Howie times. Howie's girlfriend is now Mrs. Howie, and she's Schwarzenegger's former campaign manager.
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In a sharp rebuff to the Bush administration, the House reversed course yesterday and voted to oppose the White House's efforts to rewrite overtime pay rules. The action marked a significant victory for Democrats and labor leaders, who contended the administration's plans would deny overtime benefits to millions of employees when they work more than 40 hours a week.

While the 221 to 203 vote is not binding, it essentially overturns earlier House approval and puts the chamber on record as supporting the Senate, which opposes the new regulations. House-Senate negotiators trying to resolve legislation to fund the Labor Department and other agencies will have difficulty allowing the proposed overtime changes to go forward, lawmakers said.

Yesterday's vote highlights congressional Republicans' growing unease over the economy, and their increasing willingness to defy the White House on contentious issues. Seven Republicans switched their votes yesterday after supporting the GOP leadership position in a July roll call.

If that's a bunch of frolicking dolphins, I'm going to be just mortified, but it sure does look like the start of a frenzy to me.


Oct. 3rd, 2003 03:44 pm
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seen on a random sidebar:

See a Fair Tax System
Support the Seperation of
School and State
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The winners of the Ig Nobel prizes are up.

Amongst the awards:

Stefano Ghirlanda, Liselotte Jansson, and Magnus Enquist of Stockholm University, for their inevitable report "Chickens Prefer Beautiful Humans."
[PUBLISHED IN: Human Nature, vol. 13, no. 3, 2002, pp. 383-9.]

Lal Bihari, of Uttar Pradesh, India, for a triple accomplishment: First, for leading an active life even though he has been declared legally dead; Second, for waging a lively posthumous campaign against bureaucratic inertia and greedy relatives; and Third, for creating the Association of Dead People.
WHO ATTENDED THE IG NOBEL CEREMONY: Madhu Kapoor, on behalf of Lal Bihari.

C.W. Moeliker, of Natuurmuseum Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for documenting the first scientifically recorded case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck.
[REFERENCE: "The First Case of Homosexual Necrophilia in the Mallard Anas platyrhynchos (Aves: Anatidae)" C.W. Moeliker, Deinsea, vol. 8, 2001, pp. 243-7. Photographs can be viewed at <http://www.nmr.nl/deins815.htm>]


Oct. 3rd, 2003 07:40 pm
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No wonder they're recalling the Governor:

* The suspicious death of Bob Hope.
* Mutant hornets and bees develop painful "stingers."
* Cell phone reception occasionally less reliable than traditional land-based phone lines.
* El Pollo Loco completely off meds.
* Number of unpopped kernels at bottom of bag increased by 20 percent.
* Satellite dishes average just 25% the size of earlier models.
* Crooked cops look the other way as ambulances and fire trucks blatantly fail to stop at red lights.
* Escondido Honda forced to slash prices on 2003 models for one weekend only.

found by the slightly twisted Stefan.
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A day after he quit his job as a football commentator for ESPN, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh hired prominent Florida criminal attorney Roy Black to represent him in a Palm Beach illicit drug probe.

via TalkLeft

Anyone remember Roy Black?

WPTV, a TV station in West Palm Beach, Fla., reported that Limbaugh has hired famed Miami defense attorney Roy Black. Black's high-profile clients have included sportscaster Marv Albert, who pleaded guilty in 1997 to misdemeanor assault in a sex scandal, and William Kennedy Smith, who was acquitted of raping a woman at the Kennedy family's compound in 1991.

from a long-ago New York Post, as posted in das inimitable Frei Republic:

Culture/Society Editorial Opinion (Published) Keywords: NINETIES TOLERANCE
Source: New York Post
Published: September 30, 1999 Author: Greg Crosby
Posted on 09/30/1999 10:07:28 PDT by dittomom

PEOPLE love to name decades: the Roaring Twenties, the Me Decade, the Decade of Greed. For the 1990s, I would have suggested the Gay Nineties but that was used last century (though in a slightly different context). The Nihilistic Nineties is close, but I'd prefer something a little more to the point. Something like the Getting Away With It Nineties.

In this decade, O.J. Simpson, William Kennedy Smith, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham, Webster Hubbell, Susan McDougal, and Johnny Chung - to name just a few biggies - have all gotten away with stuff that a generation or two earlier they would have certainly been punished for.

the tag on this post from 1999 is:

As read on today's Rush Limbaugh Show

What decade is it now?

I don't wish this insane war on drugs on anyone. It's stupid, cruel, counterproductive and expensive. It enriches bad people and destroys lives.

Lucky for Rush we held them off, huh. I hear there are still places in Florida where you can be sentenced for treatment if you know the governor.
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