Oct. 9th, 2003

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Oct. 9th, 2003 02:00 am
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I'm an apparently intelligent, liberal, not-too-generous, not-too-selfish, seizure-inducingly boring spod!
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First, I found out that I'd forgotten to switch my internet access to my new credit card when I cancelled the old one, and they've been sending notices to the wrong e-mail address (!) so upon non-receipt of two months' billing (less than $50), they cancelled my account, which contains six different e-mail addresses for four different people.

So, I called, and with maximum non-aggressive helpfulness, arranged for the billing to be switched and the service to be restored within two hours.

Then my cell phone died.

After two hours, I called back and found that my service had not yet been restored because it had been set up to be restored on a 48-hour schedule. I told the young woman I was speaking to that I thoroughly understood that she was ringed around with rules, and was there possibly a supervisor I could speak to?

The supervisor, who called me immediately by my first name, explained that generally it was not possible for someone in my position to get immediate service, but she would turn the account right back on.

By the time I left for HM's school to pick her up (I am, by this time, in my determination not to lose it completely, maniacally cheery and brittle and talking a mile a minute. Thank the many glittering gods of the late twentieth century, my brother showed up too and let me babble at him for a while).

We got back from the school and the access was still not on.

I called back, got customer service, spoke to a nice young lady who told me that the service had been restored already, was transferred to a nice young man in tech support, had a nice insidery conversation about OSX (our consensus was that it's way cool but my clock speed is too slow and I don't have enough RAM) and discovered that although the service had been restored by the billing department, actual transfer of that information to the computers on the technical end was going to take 48 hours.

I have people coming in to the city for a F2F tomorrow, and most of them don't know the number for my cell phone.

Which is broken.

So we bantered a little bit more about what an early-twentieth-century day it was turning out to be for me, and he forced something through something and I told him about the get together and he said that now all my hard work was not in vain for nothing (I didn't tell him it was Jim C's hard work, for fear of introducing a new complication into the day) and then I logged on.

Subject of my next panic, as soon as I stop vibrating long enough to address it, is all the many people coming to my house for a barbecue on Saturday.

Two requests:

1) If you've sent me anything today, please resend it, because my e-mail address didn't exist at the time.

2) If (as seems increasingly likely) the day keeps going like this, and I should happen to shatter into a couple of hundred tinklng pieces between now and tomorrow night, please wrap me up in handkerchiefs and give me to the grooms to break underfoot at weddings.

Thank you for your support.

i forgot

Oct. 9th, 2003 06:23 pm
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Amongst the things I learned whilst on hold for my ISP:
Northern California can expect some latency.

Just wanted to get the word out.


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