Dec. 13th, 2003

oh dear.

Dec. 13th, 2003 09:50 pm
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I have been remiss.

It's just that we've been off familying and, well, I'm tired.

We went to Phillipse Manor today - it's one of the restored historical sites that Rockefeller donated to the state (the other two are Washington Irving's home, Sunnyside, and Van Cortlandt Manor), and I was a regular visitor when I was a kid, and no-one ever told us that the work on the farm and in the mill was done by slaves, who were sold off en masse just before and just after the Revolution.

Apparently, the farm was a major supplier of grain and dairy products to slave ships.

When we used to go, they had tulips and everyone dressed like quaint dutch men and maidens and it's really creepy looking at all the fancy holiday preparations when you know that the time they're recreating was the time after the death of the farmholder, after which the "staff" of the plantation was sold off piecemeal.

When the docent told us about the political machinations of the last (tory) owner, who was trying to keep the british in place and keep slavery legal because he would make more money that way, HM referenced Mr. Bush.

I'm so proud.

The only thing that really struck me reading the papers today was that I don't think that if I were Strom Thurmond's daughter and nobody knew for sure I would have the nads to admit it.

Also, contrary to his protestations to the contrary, former RNC chair Gov. Rowland of CT apparently did accept free home repairs from contractors in exchange for state work, and we've changed our mind about the trustworthiness of Syria, although we haven't asked them not to torture anyone that we know of lately, so we could still trust them that far.

See you tomorrow.


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