Dec. 31st, 2003

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lost: 80 pounds, godawful job, the worst of the twitching

found: good stuff, mostly. also floor. it was under the laundry. who knew.

going out to buy: asti, salad stuff and a nicotine patch

already have: pot roast with some of my carefully hoarded dry porcinis

kid is: next door with the neighbors's kid

husband is: replacing windowpanes

wishing you: a happy new year, if yours starts tonight

will link farm: later, I swear
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kind of ironic that the hot terrorism target this time is a place where there will be absolutely no New Yorkers
Times Square welcomed revelers to its New Year's Eve party Wednesday with two tons of confetti, thousands of balloons, a pop star, a war hero, rooftop snipers and metal detectors.

As the city deployed the tightest security in the party's history, Mike Riley of Huntsville, Ala., was among the first to show up Wednesday morning. Nephews and daughter in tow, Riley said he was more concerned about getting a prime viewing spot than any threat from terrorists.

"You can't let them spoil the party, right?" he said. "Everybody in the world watches it on television, and since I was little, I wanted to be in Times Square on New Year's Eve."

With the nation on high alert for possible terror attacks, more officers will be on duty this year than last, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. He declined to reveal the number, although last year the department said it deployed 2,000 officers in Times Square alone.

"We know that New York remains at the top of the terrorists' target list and we have to remain vigilant," Kelly said...


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