Feb. 25th, 2003

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Pattern recognition experts amongst the six of you may have noticed that this past week I've posted slightly less than I do on an average federal holiday between four and six in the morning.

See, what I've noticed this past week is, I'm really pissed off. Now, my faithful pattern recognition experts (who are getting a workout today, boy howdy) are at this very moment (don't you love how time is relative in the authorial voice?) saying "But wait! If my memory serves me (persiflage, this - pattern recognition experts are always sure, although sometimes they look it up afterwards for a cheap verification thrill) this woman is practically always pissed off! What, if anything is up?" (Pattern recognition hobbyists talk that way).

See, here's the thing. For some reason, this past week, this stuff has been really seriously pissing me off. Not making me indignant, not incurring my disapproval, not firing me to righteous demurral. Seriously pissing me off.

See, this is not an interesting thing to read. No, really. The kind of blogging I admire is the kind of thing that Body and Soul and Alas and Rittenhouse and PLA and Ignatz and Long Story and Ruminate This and the Poor Man and (blogroll here) do, which can be summed up in the sequence

"cite, painstakingly researched analysis, humanist but merciless takedown, Thwak! transgressor's head rolls away quietly so as not to cause any more trouble"

See, that's blogging.

I've tried, I have, really, to come up with something unexceptionable, but lately my abortive attempts have read like this:

Strained pun
link [article from major news source, possibly a few hours ahead of anyone I read because I sit at a computer all day and I'm a compulsive information junkie]
OK, what the [objectionable copulative verb] is this [organic waste referent] all about? I mean, [blaspheme], how the [objectionable copulative verb] do these [objectionable copulative gerund] people think they're going to get away with this [objectionable copulative gerund][organic waste referent]? I mean, it's not enough that the miserable [objectionable incestuous copulative gerund][suggestion of genetic insufficiency][objectionable copulative adjective]heads...

Well, you get the idea.

See, that's just not useful, but that's not why I'm not doing it, because, well, hell, this is a blog, and no-one expects it to be useful. [rude word], I'm still a little surprised (and really pleased and flattered and stuff, too) that anybody reads it at all.

Boring, then, is what I'm getting at. Dull. Not interesting at all one little bit, me ranting. It's like opening a frozen banana stand outside the creamsicle plant. Communicating what? That I disapprove?

I mean, you probably figured that already, right?

So as long as I can't think of anything to say that isn't an undifferentiated spewing of bile, I figure why pre-empt some poor soul commenting at LGF who really Needs those words to express the highest flowery yearning of his or her inner [whatever].

So, you know, don't think of it as a hiatus, think of it as that rare occasion when I don't say anything because I can't think of anything useful or informative or fragrant to the questing soul to say.

Of course, having said that, I'll probably find fourteen stories I Just Have To Have My Say About in tomorrow's paper.

So, you know, such of you as have the time to spare, keep tuned to this space occasionally and I'll try to get up to speed, K?

meanwhile, you can get just about everywhere interesting on the web by playing six degrees of Atrios, who is conveniently located on my me-zine thingie (along with a bunch of other neat stuff), over there <--- and down a bit.


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