Apr. 18th, 2003

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We're all a little spring-drunk around here. It was just beautiful yesterday, but it was cold and yucky today, and aren't we cranky about it.

The neighborhood is full of magnolias and cherries (one in our back yard) and daffodils and more hyacinths than I remember there being last year, in all kinds of neat funky colors.

It's strange to see them out there tonight, though. March went out like a lion, and then April seemed for a while to be taking on lambish mien, but we're back to lion for now.

Someone at work was complaining about how it was going "down to 50" and I thought wow, when this whole miserable winter have we had a chance to say "down to fifty"?

Also I went batshit crazy buying yarn.

I plan to seriously consider getting oriented soon.

Oh, a real peeve - I took one of those online tests yesterday, and in the section that was meant to measure my personal relationship with precision they asked if I was [thing]-orientated.

Um. No. My [thing] practically always faces west.

Gee whiz.
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from rantavision, who I would love dearly if they never did anything but publish a blog with a sidebar that starts with "What did you do today to clear the Shrub?," via to the barricades, this insanely beautiful matched set of longstemmed perfect dopeslaps at the leadership of the Democratic party and the leadership of the Green party.

An Open Letter to the Democratic National Committee

You're cowards. In your vainglorious attempt to straddle some non-existent middle ground you have effectively disenfanchised and disillusioned us, your own Democratic Party. You have sold out your vote to the Republicans, rolled over to their bullying, and left us adrift.

We had hoped that you would have taken the failures of the 2002 mid-term elections to prove that the voting public wanted opposition to the GOP, not the endorsement of it. You allowed the GOP to not only control the government, you have given their PR machine the ammunition to obliterate the fact that two years before the Democrats won the popular vote for the White House.

Are you unable to hear the call of your constituency, or are you just too arrogant or too dense? I would almost be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for token resistance over the last few weeks, but it's really far too little, far too meekly proclaimed.

We, the membership of the Democratic Party, the people who support your candidacy and your offices, are attempting to repair the damages that you have enabled with your silence, your pandering. We are attempting to build a party base that can not only remove the Republicans from the Executive Branch, but also return some semblence of balance to congress. You're not helping us...

An Open Letter to Ralph Nader

You're cowards. Instead of attempting to work for change, you have deliberately created a situation in which you cannot win so that you can prove how righteous your indignation is. You are the spoiled child that doesn't want justice, you just want attention. You think if you yell and scream long enough, mommy and daddy will come along and take the toys away from the other kids and let you play with them.

You, the leadership of the Green party, You, Ralph Nader, have framed an argument that has been no less devisive and deconstructive to your cause than the Big Energy and Big Businesses that you so dispise. You have used your own gluttony for power to cause two unforgivable things: First and foremost, you have effectively disenfranchised your entire support base. Secondly, you have not only fostered, but encouraged the view that your support base, your constituency, cannot find redress within the two party system. You have pushed the ideology of the failure of the American political system to such an extreme that you have created your own selfish-fulfilling prophesy.

Your rhetorical and ideological self-indulgence regarding the two-party system have essentially emasculated your vital environmental and consumerist policies. By pulling your constituency outside of the Democratic party, by Faux-Newsifying the "failure" of the system, you assisted the Corporatists to take the White House. By taking away the advocacy from within the Democratic party, you puposefully and maliciously removed your constituents from the power base and knowingly, purposefully, and maliciously train-wrecked the very platform that your supporters stood for, and you blamed "the system" for that failure.

I DARE you to try and explain how your egotism and selfishness and downright dishonesty to your constituency differs from any way from the GOP and the Corporatists that you pretend to so vehemently oppose...


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