Sep. 14th, 2003


Sep. 14th, 2003 08:40 am
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Well, another overnighter come and gone. It always seems like a much better idea until the sun is up...

Today's snippets are an eclectic mix, piquant but with a bracing acidity that will undoubtedly sharpen your mental palate for those blogs which have something of significance to say about them.

It did occur to me to wonder if the south asian population of Canada had taken up fishing in great numbers when I saw this headline, Canadian Indians Challenge Fish Farms in Court, but apparently overcrowding is causing diseases to spread from farmed fish to the (doesn't) wild fish (sound odd?) that coastal First Nation tribes depend on, which fits more neatly into my picture of the world.

Now, how in holy hell they manage to create overcrowding in pens in the ocean eludes me completely. It's as if land were free and they put their animals in half the space to save on fencing.


Rewritten Citizenship Oath Will Get Another Revision. Apparently the first revision was just a sort of a feeler. The new old oath, as the Times didn't mention but Riba Rambles did, would have only made it mandatory for new citizens to protect our constitution when they are legally required to. If it's just words, why do it?


Perhaps someone should have thought to mention to the majority of the public that if they supported a war, they were going to have to pay for it. They're balking. On the other hand, so is the editorial board of the Washington Post, which had far more to do with making it happen and which presumably was better educated about issues than their readers had reason to be. Perhaps if they read their own op ed page occasionally they'd understand the situation better.


Schwarzenegger's a crude jerk. Pass it on.


My favorite story of the day, though, is this, of which I reproduce the title in its original pristine beauty:

Iraq Takes A Toll on Rumsfeld (

Brothers and sisters and fellow politics fans, I want you right now to drop your mouse - that's right, drop it - no, you'll just have to take the trackball out, then - and with prayerful reverence join me in saying "Awwwwwwwww"

You gotta read the article, though. Talk about giving a blowjob with wasabi on your tongue.
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that the feds want to take the warrant process out of the hands of judges and into their own?

Bush requested it.

Famed liberal civil rights activist Arlen Specter (blight-PA), who agrees completely with the President's suggestion of killing a lot more people, has some (you're going to love this) qualms about the warrant thing.

Thinks it might be going too far.

If Arlen Specter thinks they're going too far, now might not be too soon to pick up the phone, is all I'm saying.
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My journal says I'm male.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?


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